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It is very hot outside and my skin is burning uncomfortably. Your pool is a sparkly pretty glittery blue and it looks so good, I want to jump in. We're sitting on a fountain rock mountain and playing with Lion King action figures. I have Nala because she's a girl, like me. And you have baby Simba because we lost kid Simba last Summer. He fell off Pride rock and landed inside the fountain somewhere under the stones. I remember because we spent two hours with a spatula trying to save him. Our mission was unsuccessful. Nala was very sad.

You have golden blonde hair, blue eyes, specks of freckles across your face and a crooked smile. It's okay because I have a crooked smile, too. I have green eyes that are sometimes blue and sometimes brown. My hair is darker than yours but still blonde and it tumbles in curls over my shoulder in a long ponytail.

Nala says that they should go swimming.

Baby Simba shakes his head no. He's too little to talk yet.

I tell you that maybe we should just pretend baby Simba is kid Simba because it's no fun when
he can't talk.

Kid Simba says that we should go to the watering hole and go swimming.

Nala says that she thought you said no before.

Kid Simba says that's because I was a baby then, but now I'm big so I can swim.

I move my Nala action figure across the edge of Pride rock. She moves in little jumps because
her feet don't move.

Oh no, says Nala, it's too far down! We'll never make it! It's too dangerous, Simba!

I know you like this part because you get to say it just like Simba says it in the movie.

Kid Simba says Danger? I laugh in the face of danger! Ha ha ha ha!

Kid Simba jumps off Pride rock and onto another, smaller ledge. Nala follows him and they jump, jump, jump all the way down to the desert.

The desert is the pool area. It doesn't really take that long to get to the watering hole, but when they get there they are both gasping for breath.

Nala says, Waterrrr! I need waterrrrrrr! and crawls towards the pool. I drop her in and watch her sink to the bottom. She spins and spirals until she lands right by the green goggles.

Simba says COWABUNGA! And you throw him in, too. He doesn't land near anything.

I am wearing a purple green tweety-bird bathing suit and you're wearing a red and blue stripy bathing suit. I turn to you and tell you that Nala and Simba are in trouble because the watering hole is too deep and they are drowning.

And you tell me that they might get eaten by sharks.

So we jump in, one right after the other, and it's all splishy splashy and everything goes mute and I open my eyes under water and you're there, your hair is floating, swishing above your head like wheat and I realize that you're my best friend ever in the world. And that you're a very pretty boy with blonde hair and sparkly blue pool water eyes. And I also realize that we are meant to be best friends forever because we tell everyone that we're cousins when we're really not. And because I saw you naked once when you were putting on your bathing suit, and you said it was okay because we were pretend cousins and pretend cousins are like real family. I realize we are meant to stay together until the end of the sun because I can't remember a time when you weren't two blocks behind me.

We're supposed to be happy forever.

I can't breathe anymore so I push off the bottom of the pool and back into sound and reality and Summer. You are smiling and making Simba swim with you and I feel different inside.

I tell you you're like my best friend.

And you smile and say yeah, I know.

And I say that we're like Simba and Nala only we're not going to get married.

And you splash me in the face and swim away, and everything is normal again and I forget everything except the desire to splash you back ten times worse. Because that's all I know in life. And it's not so hot anymore because the pool is cold and nice and everything is good.

We stay in the pool until night time, when all the lights burn a rainbow ring around themselves because of all the chlorine in our eyes. And mosquitoes are coming out so your Mom wants us to come in and it sounds like night.

And we are happy.
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