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becomemymuse's Journal

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This community was made for inspiration and creation, motivation... we're all going to help each other become better writers. I need muses.

01. No trash talk, negativity, fighting or STEALING. This will be taken very seriously and will result in immediate removal from the community. If you can't say anything nice, don't say it at all. Constructive criticism is awesome, just don't be rude.
02. Use common sense when it comes to livejournal cuts - block of texts are hard to read and distracting!
03. If you want to introduce yourself, go ahead. If you don't, that's fine, too.
04. Try to be as active as possible! Who needs a lazy muse?
05. All posts should be under FRIENDS, unless you want your work to be stolen by random people. Then, by all means, post away.
06. If you're confused about anything, ask away. You can always message me.
07. Profanity welcome, but anything triple X should be behind a cut and labeled NSFW.
08. Please, have fun. And try to be helpful.

Copy&paste this to help support the community. :)